Student Community

More than ever we need bright minds, innovators and young climate leaders to drive change for a safe and sustainable future. In TERRAVERA™ we believe in big ideas and the people that can make them a reality. Our Student Community launching in 2021 is a space to empower the next generation of leaders.

TERRAVERA™ Student Community is for all students that want to shape the future. We seek people of diverse academic backgrounds, from data science to content creation.

TERRAVERA™ Student Community is student-led and student-driven. Active members are assigned key roles and responsibilities that strengthen future career building.

TERRAVERA™ Student Community will be a platform for co-creation with partners and business members, creating a space for mutual learning and problem solving.

TERRAVERA™ will always use technology as a primary tool to advance the global sustainability agenda. We bring people together with cutting edge science to solve the world’s most complex challenges.

In the TERRAVERA™ Student Community we want to align purpose with action and opportunity. In order to get commitment from busy students we want to offer:

  • Regular meetups and networking opportunities with leading corporates
  • A vibrant forum for discussion and debate. Exclusive access to the beta version of the TERRAVERA™ Platform
  • Presentation materials and email footer
  • Quarterly hackathons where the TERRAVERA™ Platform is used to solve sustainability challenges
  • A platform to showcase your research and academic findings

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