Academic Program

Our Academic Program is intended to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical sustainability insights through collaboration with students and researchers from leading academic institutions.

We present students with the opportunity to have their research applied to a real-world use-case by implementing it in our sustainability modelling platform (TerraPortal), given that the insights are relevant, applicable, and holds a high academic standard. Our goal is to slowly populate the platform with scientifically grounded models that can be further scrutinized and improved until they can accurately measure sustainability. The Academic Program is the first pillar needed to accomplish this ambitious goal.

A study can e.g. take the form of a master thesis, a bachelor thesis, an independent study, or as part of a doctoral dissertation. It is expected that the students working with TERRAVERA™ have a supervisor following them up throughout the study, who has a positive and cooperative attitude towards the collaboration. Although the study must be relevant to TERRAVERA™, we place emphasis on maintaining academic freedom, which in our view is crucial for sustainability research.

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